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1. Cimmerian Plains Son Of Crom

After the fall of atlantis, a new era for men is at hand; The hordes of chaos rise; By fire and magic conquer the land; The winds of gods blow to cimmeria; In battle and pain he is forged; Born to pre...

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2. Crystal World

Through endless nights we sailed the; Seas of harsh and wrathful north; The furious icy winds have failed to change our course; The mission is clear, for whoever heeds the call; We offer lives to reac...

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3. Guardians Of Steel

The blood upon my steel; The clash of crimson shield; My brothers in the field; My destiny fulfilled; At last the time has come; Here we stand in the ram; The armies are ready; For blood and for pain;...

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4. Helepolis

Unleash the terror of my siege; dusk, it falls above your decayed walls; time has swept their mightiness; your men, in fear they stand; hold spears in trembling hands; the deadly silence before the th...

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5. My Wish Your Doom

Riding the horse of despair; The wind in my hair; And my enemy standing there; Death's in the air; Holding the sword of the gods; A symbol of trust; From a king of the past; I am the last; Filling the...

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6. Screaming Blade

Elric: On the remnants of this war; All the nations now shall worship me; I am now stronger than before; Stolen life-force flows in me; Stormbringer: I bring the; Storm, I rip the skies; A spellbound ...

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7. The Battle Of Plataea

We're marching to war; Athenians ans spartans; For once more; We answer thy call; Plataea is the place; Where we'll fight back the persians; We'll vanish the menace; Once and for all; Oh, we're forged...

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8. Up The Hammers

In the misty woods; Where darkness rules; We make our stand; Thousands of warriors came; They feel no fear, they feel no pain; Ares! God of war, arm my soul; Never fall, warriors' call; Soldiers! Read...

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9. Wishdoom

When you first cast your spell; Upon me; I already knew it well; Your curse; Will eternally doom me; Between life and death; I shall dwell!

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10. Zeus The Thunderer

Zeus, God of all the gods; Thunder in his hands; Ruler of the world; And father of us all; Son of kronos and rea; Hidden at his birth; Away from his father's eyes; To escape from sacrifice; With titan...

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