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1. It's Hard Letting You Go

So here we are at the end of the line; And all I can do is wonder; This precious love that we feel inside; Still why can't we be together; There are no flowers in my garden since we've been apart; The...

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2. Keep It On

Keep it going; On and on, let the music flow; Cause on a good day you can let yourself go, on and on; I feel it now, deep down in my soul; And I know what's left for me; And I know what needs to be do...

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3. Love and Devotion

You can talk about a change in the weather; You can tell me that our lives would be better; But I always thought we can rise above; And I remember the times we were together; And I would never, ever f...

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4. On Our Way

I was leaving New York City to meet my baby, heading south, down to the Florida state line; Trying to reach the border on a second wind in 21 hours, with many miles already behind; The sun was shining...

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5. Revolution 09

Open your mind; I've seen lights, now I want some action; You better think twice, before it's gone; Stand up if you wanna grow; Stand up if you want to let it go; Cause we can start a revolution; Chan...

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6. Take Me Back Home

I could see you were acting a little; Sweet smile, then a tilt of a bottle; Well I'm here to climb a mountain; But I can wait til tomorrow; Stormy woman, take me away; With a smile to match the bright...

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7. Whiskey and Wine

Duffy was a big money broker who never had time for a wife; And he always had money in his pocket, and he stayed up all hours of the night; He was livin' on coffee and cigarettes; Smoke a pack if you ...

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8. Working Mans Blues

I wanna tell you a story, when I was far from finding my way; Went travelin' onward, all just to get through my day; Gonna find my way; Gonna lift my sadness, all just from workin' each day; Gone is t...

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