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1. Age Of Lies

A thousand heavy years ago; When the cross led the crown; Thousands had to fear the law; And the spies all around; Holy wars, glory calls; In the name of the Lord; No remorse, no recourse; In the eye ...

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2. At The Gates

"All hope abandon, ye who enter here!"; /DANTE ALIGHIERI/; Since I was born I have never before; Seen Daemon's eyes; One day I thought I can seek the forest; Search deep inside; Time has gone by as I ...

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3. Evil Disguise

Evil Disguise; There's a man who's smiling, although; Kills, no matter, when; There's a guy who hates us still, he; Is a leading man; There's a voice of agony, the; Crying of the fools; Hear the bells...

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4. Fallin' Away From Grace

We are slaves in the hands of fate; From the cradle to the grave; Sense of freedom is made of false; Illusions of hope; Now the time has come little child; Come along with me for a while; Climb the mo...

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5. Fate

Fate; We live in an empty world; People are crying in their soul; Everything just seems; As we made them for ourselves; Now our time is up; Fate is knocking on the door; He comes to go with us; Behind...

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6. Heaven and Hell

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child; I hate to live my powerless life; Sometimes I fear every toll of the bell; I am between Heaven and Hell; Some other times I am so high; Just like an eagle hig...

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7. Holy Vagabond

Holy Vagabond; Here where the rain falls; Into the seas; Here where the rainbow; Shines over the trees; Daylight blinds me when I'm; Getting used to the dark; Day by day, when I fall and I rise; I see...

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8. Judas

"Sin goes in a disguise, and thence is welcome; like Judas, it kisses and kills; like Joab, it salutes and slays"; /GEORGE SWINNOCK/; ; Night is falling, the sun goes down; Fireflies awake; In the dar...

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9. King Of Death

I am the ruler, the king of the world; You all were born to be my slaves; New for the future, you all have to serve; I'll bring to heels who fight against; I am the Lord and you're my servant; I'm the...

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10. Live Forevermore

There is some kind of mystery; In this land we live; A thousand years in our history; Taught us to believe; We never know; What the future has in store; 'Till the end of time; We are all; Ready to die...

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11. Masquerade

Masquerade; Still many times, I can't recognise; Those who wear evil disguise; Once in a while, they give me a sign; Hits like a bolt from the sky; Watchin' those eyes glowing false; Feelin' the untru...

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12. Reduced To Silence

Reduced To Silence; Close your eyes come and fantasize; Here the story starts; All this may happen anytime; I'll tell you now; When the clouds swimming in the sky; Try to hide the sun; Low fellows, fo...

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13. Sands Of Time

Sands Of Time; Time goes by; Like a fly; Flyin' through the sky; Sands of time; Runnin' out; Make the most of life

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14. Silent Hill

You are alone holding a candle; This night is long, lasts forever; And if you are screaming for someone; Nobody's there, you're the last one; Here inside; Welcome to the nightmare of Silent Hill; Life...

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15. Somewhere Alone

Long before I came into this world; All have heard the fortune-teller's word; Of a lone man in the prophecy; He was me, the Man of Destiny; When I look around it's a no man's land; Blood is everywhere...

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16. Strain Of Madness

Strain Of Madness; Come in here; Listen to my words; So much things I need to tell right here; Come in now; I am all at sea; Help me get the better of my fear; In the nights; I wake up from my sleep; ...

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17. Take Our Soul

Take Our Soul; Through the Valley of the Kings; Over the bloody rocks; Through the calm eternity; Hearts full of empty hopes; Please lead my Lord; We're searching for our only home; Please lead my Lor...

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18. The Prodigal Son

"A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong, which is but saying... that he is wiser today than yesterday."; /JONATHAN SWIFT/; ; Hard to find my way; And the days go by; Many y...

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19. Unholy Ghost

Unholy Ghost; No one knows why I'm afraid; Why I feel so bad; Oh, I see our destiny; It makes me feel so sad; Unholy Ghost takes away our hopes; I don't want to fall on evil days anymore; Never again,...

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20. Victory

Victory; Hey, you are the king! Take care of our souls; Hey, you ought to see the returning of foes; Once for all, destroy them all! I know what to do I'm here! Time for war, fight to the core! I'll l...

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21. Wander The World

Walking the lonely road; On the way I've never known; Close to a dark forest; Cool wind takes me down to rest; Under the open sky; Facing the stars; Careless and easy life; I don't want to leave behin...

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22. Wheels Of The War

Wheels Of The War; Although you walk alone; Feel the war inside; Like the pain of holy thunder; Hurts every time; Over the fields you go; Feel it even now; Hear the gunshot, smell the carnage; Why clo...

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23. Wisdom

Wisdom; Every day I see you're strolling through the streets; Got no aim and you have lost your faith to believe; I want you to hear the same; How sweet the music sounds; I want you to feel the same; ...

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24. Wiseman Said

Wiseman Said; God only knows, they don't leave you alone; All those nightmarish dreams in your head; God speed you boy, if you're leaving your home; Find yourself in this world, be yourself; Wherever ...

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25. Words Of Wisdom

Words Of Wisdom; All of the sins, every useless lie; That we commit keep the evil alive; But we always say there's another way; Never too late, make a change! See every day empty people are in tears; ...

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