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1. 15 Years Time

Read the news about yesterday, five people were killed; It was a tragic massive massacre, killers on the run; Fear comes hysteria, looking for a scapegoat; Four innocent people, judged for the crime t...

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2. Hold On To The Truth

It's A Misty Morning; And I'm Searching For You; Where Am I Going? So Many Things I've Been Through; I'm Lost In The Shadows, Lost In The Dark Once Again; I'm Looking For Places; Where I'm Feeling Saf...

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3. I Believe

See The Stars Up In The Sky; See Your Creation Watching Over Me; You Blesses Me With A Voice; An Open Channel For Your Kingdom; Yeah I Wanna Sing, Yeah I Wanna Tell; What You Have Done For Me; You've ...

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4. Never Satisfied

I'm Asking Why I'm Doing This; I'm Feeling Empty All The Time; I'm Looking For Love, I'm Looking For Peace; I'm Feeling Empty All The Time; Feeling so Unclean In Front Of You; Help Me To See The Way; ...

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5. One Way Out

It's Hard To Live My Life N' Frustration Is All I Feel; The Pain Carves Me With It's Knife Only You Can Make Me See; It Goes On And On, Confuses My Mind; I'm Longing For Tomorrow To Leave The Past Beh...

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6. Power From The Sky

Energy Running Through My Veins; Music With Power Screaming Out Loud Tonight; Look To The Sky; Believe What You See; This Is The Sign From Above; Power From The Sky; Power; Makes Me Feel Alive With YO...

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7. The Last Generation

The World We Live In Is Full Of Sorrows; Hard Lies Seems To Surround Our Lives; Just Live For The Moment; I Don't Care 'Bout My Brother; This Is The Words From This Coldhearted World; Our Lost Generat...

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8. Through Fire

I Look Around And What Do I See It's Desert Land All Around Me; I Need Your Sacrifice I'm Lost Without You; Tell Me How Long Will I Be Running? 'Cause I'm Running; Through Fire Like A Long Distance Ru...

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9. Time

Time, Time; Storm wind coming, please help me now; Take my hand, my lord I'm so weak; I know you'll never, leave me alone; I feel secure, in your presence; All tickets for free; Love is your sign, you...

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10. Wings Of Tomorrow

You must be dreaming, or going out of your mind; There's no way of changing, The world over one night; Maybe you need to recover, From all the things you've been through; Maybe you need to discover; T...

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