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1. Sides Apart

I've got my wine get the fuck out of my way; I'm out of step but it doesn't mean that I'm not doin' great; I got a party at the home in the hills; Inked arm, a hat to match; You threw your web but you...

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2. Spit Screamin

Claim to god n' yell at fever; Get down on your knees, like they don't listen to you; You can blame me for deliver; Critical noise level, thinking why I'm not like you; Tonight I'm feeling fine; N' th...

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3. Undaunted

Here we come; Flesh n' bone; Hear my calling; Hang on darling; Through the nation; Here's my creation; Louder n'good; Knocking you out; Everytime I need to win; Is the same old dance for me; Cause fun...

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