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1. Humming Bird

Like a humming bird; You go away; Searching feelings to absorb; Like a free creature; You walk fearless; You don't worry with the future; Humming bird; Fly away; You have the world; In your hand; The ...

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2. Machinery

You don't need to use lips; If you have a chip; To talk instead you; Use your mind is in vain; You have plastic pains; To make you look like a fool; Eletricity runs; Under the cables, and we won; What...

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3. Self-made

If I had chains someday; I broke up; If I was getting in trouble; I gave up; If I wanted to win; I carried on; And everything that I have; I got alone; Because I'm self-made; I never needed help; If I...

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4. Today

Today the night will disappear; Today will ease all the fears; Today the buildings will fall down; Today everybody will be around; Me; Today the blue of the sky; Will become black and white; Today the...

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