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1. Battle Against Time

... I'm sailing away to undiscovered seas ... ; I see a golden light shining far away; I can't tell if I'll make it there someday; I reach my hands but there's no one on my path; I can't sleep 'cause ...

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2. Beautiful Death

My face turned pale before the cold eyes of death; My body was frozen by the stare from the dark; I don't want to think of anything, but there's storm of thoughts in my head; I wasn't prepared for thi...

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3. Beyond The Dark Sun

... For years i have travelled in coldness, But my heart is warm as the darkened sun above me... Nothing can ever take away; What i've seen with these tired eyes; Face of the weeping night; And the sh...

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4. Death And The Healing

A windstorm dropped a bird from the sky; It fell to the ground and it's wings broke and died; But when the time got by, back to sky it flied; 'cause the wings healed in time and the bird was I; Time i...

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5. Just In My Dreams

In every summer there's a winter, In every sky there is a cloud, After every day there is a night, And every sea has a shore; Every night I see you, but it's just in my dreams; Now in the night; The s...

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6. Sadness And Hate

Sad night, the weeper of starwind sky; Take me where the shimmering lights are fading out; Through the shadows of hate and through the fires of grace; I followed the voice in the night, beautiful as b...

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7. Sleeping Stars

Oh sleeping stars, why are you so sad tonight; Oh sleeping stars, will you shine for me tonight; Oh sleeping stars; Can you see them float in the night sky; Can you hear those echoes of their sweet cr...

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8. Starchild

[Part I (Wanderer of Time)]; So mysterious is your world, concealed beyond the stars; Far away from the earth, it flows one with time and dark as the night; Million shapes and colours; are storming in...

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9. The Forest That Weeps (Summer)

I am the mist in the morning; I am the moss in the ground; You are the light that cuts through the stone; I am the worms in the dirt; I am the branches reaching the sky; You are the source, the orches...

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10. Winter Madness

Divine creations now destroyed to uncover the haunted atmosphere; Strange visions of the ancient spirits, travesty of man appears; Coldness and the storming winds lurking for prey; The forces of the W...

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