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1. And So We Remember

Innocent eyes; Your life is slowly drifting away; You paid the price; But will you ever be remembered? I remember you and I can recall; Everything that went right through my mind; But it doesn't rhyme...

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2. Badlands

Time will tell; If you dare to walk my way; See you on hell; It is time for us to bound and unite; I'm here in the badlands; Waiting day by day; Every minute I count you closer to me; Closer to your d...

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3. Cleaning The Machine

I turn my eyes away; From the TV screen; Just for a little while; From those silent screams; They're haunting me; Haunting me; Let us watch the war machine; And feed it with our infants; Maybe this ti...

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4. Go To Hell

I'm taking over now; I'm taking my chance; I'm taking back all; That used to be mine; Ain't got no time no; Got no desire; Someone unleashed the beast; And here we go now; Sick and tired of bullshit; ...

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5. Like Ships In The Night

I hear the wind cries out my name; And someone is said to be looking for me; Remembrance of a long forgotten time; Like ships in the night; We met just to float again; Try why don't you try to find me...

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6. My Nevermore

Hear they come a rolling in; They come a fire up their hatred; Come feel the heat from the engine of slaughter; Smell can't you smell their wounded pray? What a stench why don't you take a bite; From ...

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7. Shutting Out The World

Straight into a fight; I was just about six; When I picked up my guitar; And a golden pick; Well I was hearing this inside; Saying: "Boy, you've got it"; And since that very day I've said:; "Hell, let...

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8. The Hunter

Running into the dead of night; I can sense the power thrill; Rushing through my veins; Red lights warning you; I'm dangerous man; Can you feel the sweat? Can you feel the heat? I am your nightmares; ...

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9. The Touch Of Evil

Once upon a nightmare; I saw that ugly face again; (And again); Scars and blisters; Yoiu devil mistress; Bringing shivers down my spine; You're giving me shivers; We'll you try and seek to break my wi...

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