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1. A Careworn Heart

So in this forest grove they bid me dwell; Under oak trees in this deathly barrow; Old is this feeling, all I do is yearn; The dales are dark and overgrown with briars; Joyless is this place, full oft...

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2. A Memorial

Thy possessions are all naught; Which on earth did you to men exhibit; Therefore shall it be; Than to thee were all earth's riches! Bestowed them for the lord himself; Thou were at a beginning; A bird...

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3. A Soul Unbound

I dance like flames; I lend the winds; Glorious shapes! The fire in me; Feels for the lightening; And breathes me away; Down the wind! I will tell thee; My secret love; If thou from me; Thy knowledge ...

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4. A Thousand Winters

This at least behoves every man; That he his soul's course should heed; How awful it will be; When death arrives; The kinship sunders; Those that were together; Body and soul; Departed from men, the s...

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5. Aecerbot

Our acre, once tall; Now barren and frail; Devils, said father; Had cursed our vale; Hunt them, protect us; Go forth, I did plea; Mother did aver; The right remedy; Erce, Erce, Erce, we spoke; The rit...

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6. An Englishman's Verse

Stretch forth! Stretch forth! From the south to the north; From the east to the west, stretch forth! Stretch forth! Stregnthen thy stakes, and lengthen thy cords; The world is a tent for the world's t...

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7. Casting The Runes

Northern european woodcut; Wandering on a moonlit night; One who, having once; Looked round, walks on; And then turns no more his head; Because he knows, a frightful fiend; Doth close behind him tread...

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8. Defending The Realm

If you find yourself; On the tip of an enemy sword; Pull them close to you; Look in to their eyes and laugh; Look to the future; See they, children of the engla; Blood of the land; For a drop of blood...

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9. Elder Mother

Came forth a liege and five loyal kin; To a realm men sought to claim; An old Witch thence appeared to them; Her terms she did outlay; From this point on you all I'll make; Seven strides shalt thou no...

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10. Forging The Iron Of England

Where are now the bones of staunch fabricus? Wayland open for me the door to the underworld; Art you king in your own right? Cold iron your ware; Excalibur your pride; So no that harm; Through this th...

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11. Green Cathedral

The winds are loud; The oceans sway; Yet strong remain the stony cliffs; Hold their place o'er watery strife; At times I must, below the earth; The waves of change dive under; The sea from above, they...

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12. Guardian Of The Herd


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13. Home Is Behind


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14. Latch To a Grave

I am a Lord's attendant; A soldier's loyal kin; To my master dear; Companion to my king; A queen on me sometimes; Nobly, swears an oath; I hold in my possession; The latch to a grave; My tongue is fir...

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15. Mam Tor (The Shivering Mountain)

Mam tor; Your torso shivers; As the backbone of our land; Under the weight; Of a now plagued country; The old ways; Elsewhere long gone; Still linger in these parts; The ways of our people; Whose anci...

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16. The Battle Of Maldon

Then he ordered each of his warriors his horse to loose; Then did brithnoth begin his men to bestow; He rode up and counselled them - his soldiers he taught; Then stood forth on the strand and sternly...

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17. The Divination Of Antiquity

The 'great creation' had arrived; All before the Lord's made go; Of fires intense and over grounds; The heat of flame did roar! The heavens burst, both strong and bright; The stars they all did fall; ...

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18. The Fate Of Souls After Death

Here shall sweep the victor's sword; So that to deep hollows, will evils fall; Into the swart flame; Into the camp of foes; The shoal of the wicked; Accursed to perdition; Within the house of torment;...

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19. The Ghost Of Heritage

Sacred water flows; Through the veins of our sacred land; Drink of this and take thy fill; For the water falls by the wizards will; Old man of the forest; Cloaked in the lore of the land; Loyal guardi...

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20. The Glorious Plain

That tract of earth is not, over mid-earth; Fellow too many peopled lands; But it is withdrawn; Through creations might; From wicked men! Beauteous is the plain; With enchantments blessed; With the sw...

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21. The Hallowing Of Heirdom

Old are the woods; And the buds that do break; From the coarse brier's boughs; When the fierce winds wake; Old are our ways; As the streams that still rise; Where the snow now sleeps cold; In the deep...

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22. The Nymph

If all the world and love were young; And truth in every shepherd's tongue; These pretty pleasures might me move; To live with thee and be thy love; Time drives the flocks from field to fold; When riv...

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23. The Shepherd

Come live with me and be my love; And we will all the pleasures prove; That hills and valleys, dale and field; And all the craggy mountains yield; There we will sit upon the rocks; And see the shepher...

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24. The Swart Raven

Our parting I awaited; Thou did not bear in mind, here in life; While I thee, in the world did inhabit; That thou were, through flesh and sinful lusts; Strongly excited; Through me composed; Thou art ...

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25. The Threnody Of Triumph

Then there shone lights; Of beams the brightest; That beacon was upon the earth; As a fiery tower seen beneath the sky; Bright as the sun; A song of triumph sun; Throughout the air; Threnody to the fa...

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26. Void of Light

Him the wolf shall eat; The hoar traverser of the heath; His mother then shall on his death; Bemourn the life without control; One shall hunger destroy; And the cruel drive away; One shall the spear l...

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