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1. Black Rain

Here we are, us humankind; We live in the remains of this world we tore apart; We unleashed a thousand suns; Can't turn back time, it's too late to be sorry; Clouds are stained and rusted are the towe...

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2. Chaos Dwells Within

Hallucinations, unleashing the rage; Break the chains of demons in my head; Screaming in madness, emotion of hate; Angry thoughts rise like a hurricane; They will make me lose control; Death comes fro...

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3. Coming Home

We left our loves and friends behind, it's time to say goodbye; Hear the call of waves, silence conquer mind; Sailing under pale moonlight and chasing Northern star; We face the secrets of the dark; Y...

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4. Last Train To Hell

He's standing proud, waiting for sign; The days of the glory will arrive; Behind the eyes, his twisted mind; He knows that he needs no alibi; Now taking the last train, right to the promised land; No ...

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5. Lovehunter

I was alone, I needed love; In the night I got one thing on my mind; Can't help myself with this feeling; 'Cause baby, you're the one who feed my hunger tonight, oh yeah; Want you now, now or never; I...

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6. New Dawn

Fall, don't be afraid to fall; You know you will rise up again, be stronger once more; Leave, leave all you past behind; Follow the dreams you made, illusions won't break; Facing life and its' hate; W...

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7. Nightfall Symphony

The night is falling when shadows hunt the light; Darkness is calling and the day will lose the fight; Two different worlds, like black and white; The creatures are crawling, they're crawling but no-o...

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8. On The Edge Of The Eternity

Out of this time my spirit filies away; I left behind this restless world; Somewhere out there, boyond the horizon; There's my destiny, curtains of grand mystery; Oh, immortality is calling; My soul i...

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9. Raining In Heaven

In the dark lonely room, in the shadows I'm hiding; The grief I feel inside, no words can tell; All alone staring out the window; My guiding star doesn't shine no more, after you've been gone; My love...

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10. Seven Deadly Sins

Deliver us from evil, set us free; Together all us bind, temptations of mankind; Devil on our shoulder, leave us be; That wicked thing in our minds we must leave behind; We can't see through the trick...

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11. The King And The God

Greed for power, the crown and the king; In the time of the gods, tyranny begins; He's dictator, the ruler of ancient land; Spread his kingdom, leave behind only blood stained sand; The legions pound ...

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12. The Real Me

You don't know me at all, I'm the beast in disguise; I cheat, I lie; You put your faith in me, you're too blind, can't you see; The lies and deceit; I abuse your weakness, I force you to feed my conce...

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13. Victim Of Love

I can't go on, no place to go; I'm not afraid, you hear me say; I'm not like a flame (that) you can burn out; And light up again when you want to; I tried to explain, love is no game; 'Cause I know th...

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14. Wildheart

He's been a drifter all his life; He's been in places that you will never find; And all the things, and all the lies; He has seen the betrayal a million times; Every time he looked around, there was n...

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15. Winterwar

November morning comes again; Cold and mist chill the air and the world is still sleeping; In this barren northern land; Fathers and sons, united they stand, holding their fate in their hands; In thei...

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