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1. Blackwhole

December approaches its dark depths; Decorate my fears; Alluring shadows of unrest; Drawing near; Pain and pleasure; Once captured the devil's[?] fear; The place of doom shall pierce my heart no more;...

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2. Destiny

The desert mist; Inferno rise; The tyrants of oppressive life; Grant us strength in this journey; Chaos my destiny; My palace of wisdom; Acting on minimal instinct; Gates of steel secure my fortress; ...

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3. Eternal Frost

The place where all frozen still; Upon the body laid still; Extracted by sorcery; Once there was a myth; Rivers of fear run cold; Ice castle formation; Frozen tears escape eternal frost; Hope and desi...

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4. Goden

Unopened eyes revealing fear and anguish; Told of untrue myth; Viewing apparitions in unsightly ways; Need not hunger for the feast ablaze; Search across barren land; Inhibitions of solitude for the r...

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5. Into Darkness

Tolling death bells of the hands of time; Numbing minds forced in thought; Unheard cries of whimpered breath; Penetrating steel; Illuminations fade; Sacrosanct of another life leaving me; Tombs gone r...

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6. Our Love Dream

I am dreaming very much; Of our tomorrow; And I am thinking very; Much of our today. And I don’t have no time; To think of sorrow, For I love you as; I’ve always done before; I know everybody wants; T...

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7. Servants Of The Warsmen

Rise; Dark shadows and expectations; Defiance unspoken truth; Doom-filled ignorance and lust; Betrayal of sacred prophecies; Invasion of hurts; Penetration of Sensitivity; What are my secret fears; Re...

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