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1. Estatic Nightmare

Moon light shines down. I see deaths crown. ; I feel this pain, In this dark plain. Please set me free, Just let me be. ; Night reveals, It's dark sins. The lunar glow, Death begins. My nightmares, Al...

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2. Frost On The Winters Of Ravens

You called my name, Through the woods of cold despair. Ghosts in the wind, Your hair dark as the night sky. My bleak beloved, Your face was warm yet so cold. I saw your grin, With eyes as red as blood...

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3. Oceans Of Sadness

Through unhallowed fog, I see your shadow. Drawn by your beauty, Leads me to follow. Grasp you in my arms, All i hold is dust. Elegent spirit, Widow of my lust. ; My angel down from grace, Here in thi...

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4. Phantasmagoric Requiem (for Thy Countess)

Slender beams of moonlight, enter this darkened chamber, as I kneel, always cold, always alone, frozen here, waiting. ; Angelic forms wrought in panes of glass loom, as dust dances in the air. Forming...

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5. Profundus In Meus Sepulchrum

Profundus ist meus sepulchrum, Ad ego habere videre meus obitus. In obscurus laetita ego cubare, Exspectare ad ne hora.

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6. Sear Me Mcmxc III

Come to me; Comfort me; Take my hand; In your arms; In your eyes; I will be; Forever yours; Bring me down; To your bed; To your dreams; Take my life; Take everything; Through those meadows; Of heaven;...

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7. Under The Arcane Rain

Ancient wisdom, In the dark tales. Heaven, it cries, Tears of arcane rain. ; Angels fall, down from grace. Exiled from, the palace of his lies. Bleeding eyes, burnt by light. Drenched beneath, the hea...

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