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1. Another Story

I betrayed my heart; For a love so cheap; Must cut him off; Before I'm in too deep; I was only seventeen when he kissed me in the rain; Got so caught up in the flames, then time flew; We packed all of...

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2. Break My Broken Heart

If I could I would've warned you; But it's scaring me how it all can't stop; It's so easy till there's no way out; If I could I wouldn't tell you; But it honestly doesn't matter much; 'Cause I know yo...

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3. Control

Last night, called you a hundred times; Felt super lonely in my bedroom; So lost I don't even know why; You are feeling just like home; But sometimes I feel like time just passes by; You got me loosin...

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4. Don't Save Me

Never thought that I would grow so old of seeing the gold; Still I never want it to go; Would hold it up to my cold heart; Feel the way it used to start up; Take me back, take, take me back; To the wa...

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5. He Don't Love Me

I meet a boy, he was so beautiful; I knew he was the one for me; Started with joy; You know the usual, got drunk and said; Come home with me; He was living for the dark; Bought me roses and took my he...

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6. Let Me Know

Help me, I don't know how to begin; Never thought that I would let you in; But you're the one I choose; I belong with you; Every hand I lost; Has brought me something I can't lose; So if you love me, ...

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7. Lonely Hearts Club

Picking up the pieces; Wishing it was easy; Trying to hold on to what's already gone; Just floating through the weekend; Drunk until we're speechless; Killing for a feeling and a place to belong; A pl...

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8. Oxygen (With Robin Schulz)

Passion makes me paranoid; Jealousy can make you blind; Lookin' hard for something wrong; Where trouble searches trouble finds; I need you like oxygen; Tired to me breathe you in; Prove it to me once ...

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9. Piano in the Sky

There's a piano in the sky; I hear it playing all the time; There's a rope I'm holding tight; I dream of falling every night; I'm tired of thinking that I don't deserve you; I'm drowning the day when ...

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10. SHE

She ain't no angel; Who lives on the hills; Her deal with the devil is paying her bills; She's sleeping with strangers and stay up on pills; Her mom used to tell her get up on the throne; You'll be dr...

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11. The Light

Standing on a ceiling; It's a way to find a meaning; When you're dying for a feeling; To you care about me now; You were putting on a great show; But where'd all your friends go? Was it easier to let ...

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12. With Myself

I'm thinking about my money; All the things I wanna buy me; I don't need nobody else; 'Cause I'm fucking with myself; Like a good girl would do; I'm thinking about my body; All the places that I want ...

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