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1. Before The Great Collapse

These hopeful visions wither with every fallen tear. Soiled by the skies, they bring deep haunted lies. ; You can wish her back but that heart bled so perfect. Mourning a lifetime will never resurrect...

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2. Cast Carbon Lies

I tore those pages out of my life, held to the flame, scattering the ashes at my feet. ; I dance upon these words, Language licked by fire, until thrown unto the pyre. ; I renounce all, The lies of th...

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3. Killing Tomorrow

Long before grace was removed, their mouths have been sewn shut, our wings amputated at birth, forever to walk through the fire. Anticipate the end. We dance free. Chained to the grave. We dance free....

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4. Sacred Ground

Storm every temple and claim god as yourself. Kill it. And let us feast on this divinity as if our very lives depend on it. ; Live. Sweet libertine. Live. Embrace every horizon. Time honored tradition...

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5. Set The Air Afire

Today is the last day from here on out, we count our blessings from here on out, this shattering to make my world come to an end. ; When the bleeding stops for you, I won't be here to help you through...

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6. We Scream Hope

Decades of malice, this hatred burns on, Memories are soiled, my heart still bleeds. ; As our worlds shift, these wounds remain, There is no repenting for this sin, so profound. ; Cannot imagine what ...

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