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1. Hogmanay Night

It was strange, this Hogmanay-night, When a forest got its hurricane-force. In full vestments, a silhouette comes, With its face, in condemnation….. ; This is my voice, And you know who I am. I’m vict...

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2. Shattered Paradise

My gale of death spread with the winds; Extol the conquerers mighty powers; This ghastly bane, embraced by flames; Mock at the race my breath devours; Reverence and fear, known by the seer; Taste my z...

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3. The Inexplicable Force

Long ago in a country aloof; In an arctic landscape so silent; All was peaceful until the day; The silence was broken by cries; The wind wailing louder than ever before; As it brought from afar creatu...

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4. The Last Words

It was wintertime, When all was dark, cold and ice. There was a heart, Fighting for light, comfort and warmth. But as time passed by, The heart had to fight even more. It was blown out, By a disease t...

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5. The Poem Of Truth

A gentle breeze coming over the hill…; Softly moving a tree…; There’s nothing here but still…; Some sense of fear comes over me. What it is I cannot tell; But my heart knows it all too well. I wish I ...

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