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1. Austere

Austere; Lost myself and sympathy; Dim the shapes of all that´s passed; Down cast eyes sweating pain; Crestfallen with faithlessness; Sorrowborne to iniquity; A rosary to enwrap my core in... Rage of ...

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2. Cast Asunder

Cast Asunder; I, the flesh of God; Naive in my ways; To birth myself anew; Deepen my aura of power; But the world got bitter; And I cold at heart; ; Pain, the exalted companion; That I wish to snuff; ...

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3. Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina; Outstretched, bloodraped hands; In the great halls of godfall; As a scar in dreams of chaos; Lower planes are the future dogma; A sun of chrome arises; When in the house of Babylon; D...

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4. Eden

Eden; Grand fly of an erstwhile myth; Wrapped in linen stained red; His words soothing my ears; Smooth lies of a serpent; Untainted need of innocent´s eyes; On a bed of thorns; Longing for the sheeps ...

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5. Equidistant

Equidistant; Wide plains before me; Dead stream lies naked; Swimming with the clouds; And the colours fade; Nor the Pearly Gates; Neither shores of Hell; Can match the splendour; Of these sleeping lan...

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6. Passion Et Resurrection

Passion Et Resurrection; Sanctus Vagina; Toying with the filaments of Ego; Gently subdued as a King´s pawn; I assume my position and drool; Sanctus Phallus; A shadow cast on quivering wings; I am a bl...

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7. Sunburnt

Sunburnt; I reach tranquillity; When dusk lies down before me; Our needs are sinister; As we kill for borders, that are; Made by men, the Fatherland; Cut deep in flesh so proud; The scars of old, a pa...

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8. Thus Far

Thus Far; Reach for the doctrine I am;; Oh, scholars so trivial; With witless prosodies of thine; Thou wield mimic desolation; Never semantic pain... ; Thus far; Do I pine for thee? Like melting of sn...

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9. Unwind

Unwind; Maim me; Shouts out the being of a sullen man; Hate me; Am I not so heavy to behold; Lie; Dividend; For are ye not my greatest f(r)iend; Distance; Just a fraction better to elide; Lie; Substan...

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