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1. El Mundo

watching from the window; I still can't decipher all those things you said; break it down to pieces; though it may be needless, play this once again; when the world starts turning too fast for me; I'l...

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2. Just Maybe

It's not my turn but I will play the fool again; Abyss of confidence in me; No need to steal because my pockets never end; I feel my island start to sink; & Just Maybe my car will start; & Just Maybe ...

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3. Love Song

Why is it still just so very hard for me; to say things I know I should? Makes some sense 'cause you played with my heart; and the hurt that I felt was no good; Staring off in the sun until I finally ...

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4. Miss You

Life was but a dream; All I could do was scream; When I had you all to myself; Then you had to go; And I want you to know; That I haven't been doing so well; And this time it hurts without you; And my...

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