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1. As I Lay Dead

Where do I lie? Now where am I? I feel numb; I see none; I feel broken, worn-out, cold and dead; But I see my own, I can hear my head; I've been taken somewhere I don't belong; Leave me out of here, l...

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2. Clay Warrior

Thou shall now in your time to burn; Find out thou art not the only on; To believe the lies set in your mind; By the world of weakness you took as guide; Display thy courage when thou art a coward; Be...

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3. Consumed

A gap's been shown, within my soul; I'm fragile and torn, to beings of old; Pain is no barrier, good is no goal; Strengh is a mean, cruelty is gold; When it rapes my mind, puts me aside; Consumes my s...

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4. Decadentia

The wicked lead the way; The stench of despair; Submitind to our fate; The decay now is shared; We all know where it goes; We all know what it does; Mallive has been installed; The path to our fall; T...

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5. Hymn To The Fall

No more time to wonder why; Now punishment pours from the sky; Puring down, washing us off from here; Liquid wrath, all our fear; It comes from the ground; Within every sound; It's mixed in our blood;...

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6. Lost In Pain, Living In Vain

Set yourself free; From the bondage of pride; False, eventually; A dark night sky; Measure the damage; Taste the poison; Submissive, even in rage; Dominated by some; Cry for care; Watch your corruptio...

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7. Rites Of Flames

The demons are laughing and the angels cry; On my holy actions to sustain a lie; Thou shall be judged for my word is the law; My name carries fear for the evil I've fought; Terror through religion dis...

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8. The 8th Day

On the eigth day, the world was ill; Nations wept, fullfiled prophecies; On the eight day, crime was created; To kill, steal and create world policies; On the eight day, terror appeared; So we could f...

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