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1. Cold As Ice

We are so different, we are the same; You are so pretty, I'm real man; We're full of passion and that's right; We have the much of time we have all night; You are so pretty, so good, but I know, you'r...

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2. Eternal

I will tell you a tale; About the man with eternal life; He was born in the night; He was just a child; Not very strong and not a mild; He was doing all right; He was a little boy and then the handsom...

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3. Evil Potion

Demons are rising in my mind; But I can feel the power in my arms; It's too late to bring them back outside; I'm sure now that they won't hurt; My body's stronger from time to time; I'm God... I'm sat...

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4. First

I only tried to change my life; My only wish was to win or to die; Gathering brothers and standing to fight; Never surrender and follow the light; Grandeur of kingdom was sense of our lives; Fight for...

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5. Goodbye My Darling

My life is just a trouble; I can't be tolerant of you; You're trying to put me down; But it's the only thing you can do; Forgive me my dear, I can't wait anymore; And now I say "farewell forevermore! ...

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6. Lifeless

Days are passing by, pulling lonely nights; With no women beside; Every day's the same with no hate or fame; With no reason to fight; Lady's in front of you; But she is looking through. You are; Lifel...

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7. Prisoned In Stone

I'll be waiting, for real hero's pride; Not for a liar, not for unworthy one; I'm sleeping in my prison, until it's gone; I'll be waiting, for making him a king; Of all the times, who has been born to...

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8. Time

Time goes by through the days, through the nights; Against the time you have no rights; No will, no powerful ally; One who was a king, becomes a slave; Another slave becomes a slayer; He likes to hear...

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9. Undead

Deep in the land, where I'm alone; I'm lost, I'm forgotten, I'm far away from home; but now, I'm unbound; I'm rising from the ground; I've found the way; to be Undead; you better pray; I'm on my way t...

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