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1. Heart To Focus

Is this the last song I will write; Is this the first time losing a loved one; meant staying behind; I only wanted for something more; Never settle in to something that you can't stand for; Be who you...

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2. Level Head

Made my way back home from all I'd done; I was lost but I had won; I took pride in my last name but; Moving on has always felt the same; It was always just the same; When I saw you standing there; I k...

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3. The Mess We're In

I gotta get you out of here; Maybe you'll see what this all really means; Lately I've found you caught up in fear; But someone else's arms won't solve the mess we're in; See I can be patient and forgi...

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4. Wild Child

I'll be waiting for you to come home; I've made my best attempts to prove that to you; I've been waiting for you to show up; I only hope that I can; Keep you safe the whole night through; She was born...

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