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1. Can You See Me

Can You See Me; Don't close your eyes, don't turn away; Familiar, as yesterday; You think that I am doing fine; It's easier to believe a lie; As you do to the least of these; Chorus:; Can you see me, ...

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2. Fool For You

Tell me would you think it kind of Strange; If I said that I want to be in your Parade; I'd wear funny shoes; Up and down the boulevard; I'd march all day long just to be Where you are; Running round ...

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3. Go On

Stand up; Take a bow; It's your time; And your time is now; See the world open up to you; Lift your head; And march right on through; Up and down it's a roller coaster Ride; It twists and it turns; Oh...

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4. Hear The Sound

It doesn't matter what you say or do; There's not a thing; He wouldn't love you through; Where you are is where; He loves you now Love so deep; It made the Son come down; Hear the sound You'll see it'...

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5. I Know What You Did

Oh you're such a clever one; With your eyes so bright; A smile so wide; Guess you thought you had me; Wrapped around your finger; Well I've come undone; I gotta hand it to you; You're really playing a...

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6. In Your Arms

Caught out in the pouring rain; Wish I could start this day again; I'm soaked through and through; And darling all I want to do is get home to you; I could have sworn I saw your face; Smiling back at ...

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7. Nothing Left To Lose

Counting sheep; By the light of the static; On my; TV screen; I'd give anything to see your face; Empty room; My smoking gun; You laughed when I said I'd make it on my own; I've got nothing left to lo...

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8. Remember

Will we ever be the same again; Sister, brother, mother, child and friend; Suddenly we don't seem so different anymore; The earth is shaking underneath our feet; And the war has moved into our city st...

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9. Special

i ride in on the train; everyday is the same old thing; it's 9 to 5; don't know if I'm dead already; I'm lookin for a hallelujah; I need a little something special; (something special); My walls are g...

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10. Tonight

I fell; Fell in a whisper; I was lost; Lost in your smile; And we made time stand still; Just for a moment; There was a silver moon in the Sky; Stars shining in your eyes; Held your hand in mine; And ...

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11. Turn It Around

Things are looking up again, uh huh; I knew this couldn't be the end of us; We had so much to overcome; Like the perfect dose of medicine; Turn it around, turn it around; We'll try to pick up all the ...

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12. When

Oh you've seen it all and more; Words are just words; And you've heard them before; You feel you can't go on this way; It's hard to recognize the stranger; In your mirror; Ooh you're jaded beyond your...

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