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1. Be With Her

(Intro); You said that I should be her; Give up on my dreams; But Im not not gonna give up; not not gonna give up; You want me to fit into her; wearing her jeans; But Im not not turning into; not not ...

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2. Better On My Own

You used to say that you loved me; You used to treat me right; But now I see i was blinded; You Caught me by surprise; I Never Thought I would feel this way; Never Thought you could break my heart; Yo...

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3. Eu Vou Pra Night

Eu vou pra night; Eu me enganei ie ie; Mas avisei ei ei; não vou gastar; Minhas lágrimas; Minha resposta é não e não e não e não; E eu cansei; Você aprontou eu já sei; Não vai me enganar outra vez; Po...

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4. Faster

A A A A A A A A A; You wanna ride; And feel the edge; But there’s a limit; Across this Bed; And after that; The speed is getting faster; You make me sweat; You make me mad; When I ask you something; Y...

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5. Gone

Baby you really want me to stay; But im gonna tell you; That i really cant; No way; And Ill make u believe that i; Will be back sometime; And then Ill finally say; Hey baby you are mine; I promise you...

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6. Lavender

Lavender; Lavender; Lavender; She smells like heaven; She likes to tease you; She dresses like she doesn't care at all; She dances through the night; She's crazy and she bites; Her flavor is lavender ...

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7. Lights Off

I came to play ie ie ie ie; I like the chase ie ie ie ie; We ain't gon' stop it tonight; Cuz the beat goes on and on and on and on; We're gonna shake; Gon' feel it like an earthquake; It may feel like...

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8. Mais Ninguém

Liguei pra você e ninguém atendeu; Por quê? Não faz isso não desliga eu só quero saber; só saber se você vai me ligar; Eu já to chegando; e hoje eu quero te encontrar; Por favor me diz que sim; Eu pos...

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9. Meet Me Tonight

Morning comes; I feel that you should be with me again; But youre never here when you should; I just wanna go somewhere; I don't think you really care; Meet me somewhere tonight; I just need to be by ...

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10. Misled

I have to say how I got here; I must confess; I like how it is; But you deserve to know the truth; Though I didn't lie to you; But you gotta know it; Chorus; You think you know me; But you dont know m...

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11. Mystical

Mystical; Mystical; Mystical; The taste of your lips; I just want to kiss; I can't understand; Why when you hold my hand; I feel something different; It is more than physical; I bet this is mystical; ...

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12. Nothing That I Can Do

Nothing that I can do; One day you came to me; Asking If…; You could be…; Part of my fairy tale; I just couldn’t find a word to describe; How sweet it felt to me; Was paradise; But now I see; How bad ...

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