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1. Deja Vu

Mama dont you know me, Open your eyes and let me see. This tiny little heart is beating and scared, The devil is tempting and you have been dared. ; Cause I can hear your voice, Im praying you will ma...

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2. Lucky 7

I look at the clock; Eleven past the hour; And all I can wish for is you; You taught me how to love; And you showed me higher power; But I played a card that didnt follow suit; One day you just showed...

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3. Perfect

Could I believe that you would rescue me? Would you promise not to leave? Behind the wheel, but sitting in the passenger seat, Sometimes you take the lead. Cause my world is like a freight train. But ...

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4. The Lesson

Many nights seem endless as; I lay awake; Cant stop thinking about; How to fix this mistake; Even though i never stopped; Looking for that fairy tale; Longing to grow closer yet; Every day the dream i...

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5. The Train Song

I think Ive worn out my welcome here, Maybe Im better off alone. Your words hit hard though no weapons are near, Whatever happened to sticks and stones? My heart cant seem to support all the weight, P...

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6. Tuesday's On Your Face

Some in this world will come to find; The endless flaws this life provides; What weve planned has come and gone; We make it up as we go along. Here is our chance to choose; What love we grasp and whic...

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7. You Made It

If there were ever a time to make a speech, Right before you leave. Ive tried to find the right picture, But I fall in love with everyone I see. ; You made it and thats hard for me to believe. You mad...

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