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1. Burning Bridges

Your flaming face is the fire of fools; My lonely cart in the corner sitting on the stool; Now the rules are round and rather cruel; You shuffle the long with the lever at use; Our excuse in the shame...

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2. Coming Through

Lot of people think that they lead are the truth; They think that what they believe it's the truth; Think that what they see is the truth; Well, I'm your boy willis earl beal and I don't believe that;...

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3. Disintegrating

Sitting high on your tower of sorts; I am the reasoning, yeah, I'll hold you on; I'm gonna hold tight; You can carry the time; You are alive, alive, the greatest treasure on fire; You're in your summe...

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4. Everything Unwinds

Full moon breeze; There's gold in your eyes; I'm staring at the glass; And slipping at the lines; Mirrors in mind; Show reflections of time; As everything unwinds; As everything unwinds; Unwinds; Now ...

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5. Too Dry To Cry

Tweed jacket, trucker hat, cup of tea; I'm just sitting at the table; Thinking about me; With my moccasins on; And waiting by my phone; With my half-masked eyes; Like a tear-less drone; I am the deep ...

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6. Wavering Lines

I got bone-blade stick with termite holes; That I could swing at a skull when I'm feeling quite bold; I got a flea market bike without any brakes; With my boot heels getting all the concrete scrapes; ...

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7. What's the Deal?

Your body gonna say fuck you; Everybody gonna do what they do; Everybody gonna give me a clue; Gonna give me a clue; Gonna give me a clue; Everybody gonna leave me alone; Everybody gonna just be gone;...

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