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1. At It Again

(chorus x1-kurupt); I just got paid, it's friday night; The party's jumpin, i feel so high; Dogg pound gangstaz, we at it again; Party's poppin, from beginnin to end; (verse 1-kurupt); Gimme what cha ...

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2. Can't Cry Hard Enough

I'm gonna live my life; Like everyday's the last; Without a simple goodbye; It all goes by so fast; And now that you're gone; I can't cry hard enough; No I can't cry hard enough; For you to hear me no...

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3. Cooling Water

Verse: 1; My soul was sinking, in a world of sin; But Grace and Mercy,it took me in; Took my feet out, of the Marry Clay; And placed them on, on a rock to stay; ; Oh what a relief it was; When God res...

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4. No Love

[JT the Bigga Figga]; Man I devour emcees, spittin verses over trees; Have a motherfucker lookin for me overseas; Turnin G's to millions, the millions into billions; Cuz I'm tryna make this shit happe...

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5. Pray On My Child

Williams Brothers, The- "Pray On My Child"; Pray On My Child; (recorded by The Williams Brothers); Chorus 1:; (Pray on my child), pray on my child, (gotta home on high), yes, I’ve got a home on high. ...

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6. Still Here

Heartaches, I’ve had my shares of heartaches, but I’m still here; Trouble, I’ve seen my share of troubles, but I’m still here; Bruises, I’ve taken my lumps & bruises, but I’m still here; Loneliness, I...

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7. You Like Me

Don't read your words into my words; Don't let the weight on your shoulders pull you down; No matter what you heard, dont believe everything that goes around; Oh your rage I see through; You Like Me d...

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