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1. Jejune

We have determined:; I can't take your blood money, for I know That it's my blood you shed, That it's my bones that you break, That it's my home that you take... Taken with little thought. Pardon one....

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2. Kenya

Points and lines fortole the awkward future. Kept my eyes away from the heavens above. But spelled out so clearly, so bold, I saw the words shine in the sky with my eyes. Sweltering, i know i know "tu...

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3. Professional Beggar

i've entered my own gates structures, built with my own two hands. hands that once folded reverently; now push away the past. persuade me but i've held that cup for much too long. convince me but i ca...

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4. Swallow This Pride

Let's see who gets the last laugh when I'm the one biting the bullets. We'll find what it means when I break the mold. If it brings a reason, I'll respond. If it brings me death, I'll play the game. I...

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