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1. Bards Tale

Once, a time ago; The bard travelled far; And wrought his tale; Which became his scar; Listen here, hear his tale of spectral hate; He must speak, he has no time, no time to wait; Walking through the ...

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2. Battle For The Sky

Luna grew tired of sharing her domain; Sol despises her and has much to gain; Their followers don armor and prepare for war; For they fight for their gods with blood-soaked swords; “We fight with mali...

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3. Behind Her Eyes

Yearning – for her touch; Waiting – for her heart; Bleeding – for my loss; Hating – what we are; Who are you, now? What could you be? A beast so foul or a beauty? Memories start to taint me; I ignore ...

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4. Between Stagnation And Infamy

I find myself in chains; Trapped in my own shame; Mind and body, slaves; To the world we make; Why? I live a life of immediacy; Since i can't find a way to be free; Why? I can't find a way; To escape ...

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5. Cold Grim Times

Thy chapel burns with such a blaze that ignites time; Thou hast seen a flaming paradise; Stone circles praise the ground in which they do reside; A deadly storm shall brood as we shall finally reclaim...

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6. Epistemological Conundrum

Why? Searching for meaning; Finding nothing; There must be a way; But we must; Invent a way; A clash of thunder; I remember; A time asunder; Minds dismembered; Confusing thoughts of entropy; Metaphysi...

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7. For Honour And Empire

The carrion crow flies above the battlefield; Shrieking overhead she views the wrath below; Severed heads her prize gifts from those who fought and died; Raise your swords to the Morrigan for she has ...

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8. Lord Of The Nights Eclipse

Our silence slept in a barren tomb on desolate rock in moonlights view; Inside what broods would soon consume the light of day through blackened fumes; Vultures ripped from their mother’s wombs fly hi...

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9. Lords Of The Sea

We sail, to slaughter; Across the seas we shall wander; To take what it is that we please; And leave the weak to grieve; Freedom is our decree; So we take to the sea; On the seas we die; Black flags t...

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10. Set In A Twilight Tragedy

The sky bearing secrets of celestial minds; Laid forth upon the hands of a bitter beast; Raped of his dignity and fed by insanity; Tortured by the voices that spoke such catastrophe; Now his blade is ...

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11. Sleeper Awakes

Act 1, Scene 1; The Sleeper speaks from regions unknown:; “Dream!”; Scene 2; The King's General has had a dream, a dream verified by all the wise men of the kingdom of having the marks of prophecy. Th...

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12. Sparrows Song

As the magus enters the temple; The earth shall stand in awe; Fear struck in the spine of zealots; Messiahs born of pariahs; I come from the den of the damned; To signal the dogs of war; I concealed m...

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13. Steel Resounds

Looking into what it is that they have done; Finding faith in suffering and life beyond; “The meek shall inherit all of the earth”; A lie told to all the sheep of no worth; Rewarded by death; Condemne...

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14. The Artifact

Act 1, Scene 1; The Dark General gathers surrounds the King's castle in his campaign of conquest and destruction. He cries out his call of war:; “Die!”; Scene 2: Inside the King's throne room. The Kin...

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15. The Curse Of Thrones

Rotting in their graves; Their heirs still enslaved; Beheld by their spell; The curse of royal birth; The slaves, those who live:; Their heirs- their minds, their ears! “i've heard them in dreams; Spe...

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16. Vengeance Is My Vice

Dusk has fallen upon the icy plains; Feral fiends now ride the winds of hate; The silent stares of feral rage; Born into your contempt; I can see the burning of my heart; The sign that hold no shame; ...

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17. Winter Is Coming

I am the pagan son, Hammer of holy ones; I am crowned lord of winter; By nature’s will; Martyr of life and death, voice of the woods, I ride the winds of time.. I sound the tunes of war; All that was ...

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