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1. Anti-Social Media

It's so dumb how we're wrapped up in the smart phone; Living through the minutes of a youtube video; We're letting kids trade ipads for their childhood; As soon as we're online we shut the world out; ...

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2. Gentleman

I wanna keep you for good so I swear I'll keep my word; Open doors, carry bags, always puttin' my lady first; I'll be handwriting you letters, all in cursive; Won't mess up your mascara, just your lip...

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3. Hercules (Feat Dalton Rapattoni)

I was weak; I was broken; I was tossed out in the ocean; I would cry; I would whimper; I would shake and I would shiver; I would sink; to the bottom; among the wreckage and the flotsam; When I reached...

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4. Hit List

I know exactly what you came for; I won't be with you when you leave; My dear you've quite the reputation; You've taken better men than me; I should cry wolf, I should run; We both know that this ain'...

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5. Talking In Your Sleep

You're sneaking in at 2 am; Say that you're working overtime; Then how come we ain't making rent; Already spent; Do you think I'm deaf, dumb, and blind? Where were you all those nights out? Where are ...

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6. Version of Love

Thanks a lot, Shakespeare; Where's my Juliet? Books have set my standards high; I guess my type is non-existent; My dumb ideas fool me again; Always lose myself in words in which; I'm not holding the ...

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