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1. Beautiful Losers

I promised you sunsets, I brought the whole damn world down; Broke down horses; on this one way merry-go-round; We were stars of a circus; that's been gone long from town; Now we're the only ones left...

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2. Dancing With The Dead

Mama; Tell the girls I'm gone; To where the wicked; Don't get no rest; Living 9 to 5; Is for the broken hearted; I don't fear no love; Beauty is just a test; Midnight keeps; Falling too early; The wee...

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3. Faraway

The river had run; From a faraway place; Secrets carried deep; Within the water; Wonderboy sang; A lonely serenade; Inspiration; Finally brought her; He whispers her name; She holds her teddy tight; F...

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4. Heart Of Gold

I was born with the mark of the devil's luck; Blessed with a life busted, I'm hurt, I'm torn, I'm struck; Yesterday you were just a dream in my bed; A gypsy angel calling to me from beyond the dead; I...

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5. Senorita Ballerina

Senorita; I'm gonna throw you; Roses tonight; Ballerina; (You're); The prettiest thing; This side of the night; Don't you know; I'd follow you; Wherever you go; Senorita Ballerina; You steal the show;...

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6. Trouble In Mind

Hey, hey, yeah; You're mama's baby; You're daddy's little girl; But they don't know; You got trouble in mind; Late night getaway; We stumble into; Into the fires; Trouble in mind; Hey, hey, yeah; Forg...

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