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1. Aviary

You woke up early with the feeling; You should go to the country; Oh you could talk to your old friends; See how they're doing; And the train that you took; Moves like a time-machine heading for teena...

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2. Dana Point

Let's cross the sea and get away; Somewhere to a place; Even younger than my family's record; You buy the car and I drive hours; Just a little too fast; With your hair that sways like leaves on my sho...

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3. Eve

She said: "Down by the river there is all you need. "; Well there is water and some fruits to eat; Oh I wonder if she's joking around; Or if it's all just a matter of time; Well she said: „It might ta...

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4. Favorite Sound

I'm waking up with blurry eyes; It's just the time of the year when I could use advice; Can't get myself to leave the bed; Oh I'm just browsing books that I've already read; The window's grey and I am...

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5. Ghost

It's like these polar-lights; They come and go without a warning-sign; I fold my hands and wait; For something new but I know all the lines; There's nothing left to try; My mind has walked a million w...

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6. Julie

Julie, you've got me thinking; There might be more than meets the eye; I'm getting nervous when you're twinkling; There might be facts you can't deny; Julie, you've got me searching; For the girl I've...

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7. Keep It Up

Nights when we were young; Thinking we'd outshine the sun; I fell for our plans; But now I only make amends; For the stories told not lived; I thought we knew it better; But it's hard to keep it up; W...

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8. Let Me Take You Away

I've got a heavy little secret; I'm about to fall in love with you; I know that I should keep it to myself; But I can't play it that cool; You say there's someone waiting for you; But do I really need...

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9. Lost

I don't know where to go since everyone I know moved away; Well I don't mind to spend some time alone; but hell that's enough; I feel like someone's counting me out, oh don't you see I'm going down? I...

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10. Oh My God

You've got friends, you've got such good friends; And they tell you what you need to hear; They tell the truth and you know that life goes on; But for now you don't think so; Oh no, I guess I start to...

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11. So Into You

I'm finding it hard to explain it; Cause it's not a matter of logic at all; Well some say it just might be magic; But I don't believe in such things after all; But I believe there is chemistry; Causin...

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12. The Weight of Things

Always running, always running, never looking back; Miles and miles and days and days you vanish step by step; Moving faster, always faster, bleeding through the pain; Shaking off the thoughts just li...

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13. Trouble

You always worry, but worry's not a good friend, oh no; Even though he's far ahead, he never tells you where to go; You've been making progress in digging out your sorrow; Talking might be good someti...

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14. Wild Winds

I wanna go where the wild winds blow; I wanna go just wherever they will take me now; Within my soul you can find an empty space; I want to fill it up and drive away the numbing haze; But I wouldn't k...

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15. You Are Water

It's way too loud; I cannot hear you; Something will tear me apart from you; The lights are out; I stumble on ghosts; But I never found anyone like you; I'm breaking my bones; Trying to reach you some...

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