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1. Cocked and Ready

Breathing fire; A gun for hire; Need redemption; Shoot to thrill; Overkill; Got your attention; At midnight I keep rolling; Keep rolling on; High roller; Coming on like a twister; Target practice; My ...

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2. Easy Does It

Looks so good in the neon lights; They're playing my song honey; Name you price; Waited all night for a girl like you; Make this the best 3 minutes of my fucking life; Easy, c'mon baby c'mone; Don't y...

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3. Open Up your Eyes

This can't go on another night; Or else I'm gonna lose my mind; You're the only one I do this for; And I really don't know why; Hey, hey; Don't you walk away from; Me, me; Tell me why I should believe...

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4. Poison Kiss

Watching, waiting; Hoping, preying; That you don't let me go too far; I know it's tempting; But are you ready? Deadly seduction after dark; I'm ready to start; Going straight to your heart; Do you wan...

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5. Shake It

Shake shake shake it! Standing face to face with suicide; A pin-up girl with a wild side; Got one chance left to stay alive; My fingers on the trigger; Gonna live for tonight; Hey, oh; Dancing with th...

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6. Soldier of Love

Street walker; Night stalker; With a body as dangerous as they come; Undercover; Deadly lover; Always getting anyone she wants; Rock steady; Cocked and ready; She's not stopping until the job is done;...

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