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1. Analog or Digital

They kicked me out of school 'cause they said; I didn't listen, but veronica knew I was heavy into zeppelin. I could never get job with a paid vacation because the records; I play are my only educatio...

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2. Brooklyn

To the city; The city we come in droves; To find something; There's something we're all hoping for; Everybody's hoping; They're gonna find something; And when it's over; It's over, we all go home; To ...

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3. Darkness

Enjoy your happiness; Soon enough the darkness will find you; Your playful youthfulness; Will turn into the shadows behind you; Everyone was happy once; But then comes the time in all our lives; When ...

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4. Disguise

Everybody know you're lying; Everyone can see you're trying; To be something your not; But you can't see it; So ignorance is bliss; Is the only way you can live; Ignoring the truth right in front of y...

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5. Lose

You think I'll run away, but I'm gonna stay; Nothing you can do will make me change my ways; I don't wanna fight, I'm a lover; So you spit in my face, and you flex your arms; Look so touch but your he...

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6. Melody

Melody, melody; I miss your face, I miss the way you move; All you left, we're shiny shoes; Now city streets, the only sounds I hear; But there's no melody; What am I gonna sing without you; Melody br...

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7. People Change

I can see that everybody thinks I've lost my mind; Just trying to figure out my life; That's why I gotta leave this town; "It's better late than never"; I know you love to say that line; But now that ...

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8. Spin

You try to make your own way; Day after day; Week after week; You try to find a parkin' spot; Seems like a little, but feels like a lot; All those things in your life; Added up on your shoulder; I've ...

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9. Tangerine

On your mark, get ready. Set. Go; Oh, they say it's a brand new day; But I don't think so; 'Cause none of the slogans; And none of the billboards; And certainly not the tv shows; Are gonna convince me...

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