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1. Arrival

In the fear of night; Wake up and dream; You are the target of a pulsing ion beam; No time to sweat; They threw the switch; Your muscles frozen in a tetanizing grip; From your muffled cage; A figure l...

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2. Down Of The Sun

Candles and roses, I wear my white dress; A picture of beauty, oh the tears that they'll shed for me; Clutching my poison; On the edge of release; The blessing of stillness for eternity; For eternity;...

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3. Generation Next

Victimized and bleeding; A sterilized utopia; This is what we're leaving; It's up to you to stand or fall; Fools say you're much to young; But you are what's to come; Generation next; Generation; The ...

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4. In This World

Telling the children our lies; The order must be kept in line; The privileged are born with their gold; By rank and by file bought and sold; The world that we live in; Is not the same; As the world th...

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5. Nevermore

Find blue sky; Fly as far and high as you can go; The light is almost faded; And we must say good-night; Tonight, no cage will hold you in; No wish or dream denied, your air; The pain the the cold you...

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6. Rise

Come out of the shadows; Into the light; Where you're not expected; To put up a fight; Your desires... A victim of fatal attack; You're locked inside a box of lies; Rise... Rise; Rise and take your pl...

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7. Rose In The Dark

Terrorized; in the dark, a light of reason; brutal minds, beyond the walls of thought; we stand and fight; a temple of minds with a message of freedom from tyranny; blood sacrifice; feed your machine ...

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8. The Chain

Under a shadow; Criers weep, "bring my freedom"; Pour forth like water; Blood runs in crimson fever; Hail to the new lord; Tyrants and gods to feed us; Choking on reason; Essence of life... Defeated; ...

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9. Touching God

Lord help me now; Sqeezing the blood from my eyes; The ledge of snow somehow just let go; Will my men reach me in time; Death before me; Now I am sorry; For living my life in killing and hate; Am I sa...

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10. Voice In The Silence

Humble at your temples' gate; Silver skies holding back tears of rain; With iron hears we curse what fate has taken; A voice that was silenced; Voice that was silenced; I listen for a message sent; No...

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