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1. Demon Days (Do It All Again)

We couldn't walk in a straight line; That was a great sign; We had a late night; And I'd do it all again; Best friends brawling; Weekends all in; She's the reason there's glasses falling; But I'd do i...

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2. Ordinary Life

This is not a drill; Let your head empty and your heart fill; Hindsight wont save us; Only catch us and cage us; I won? t be that bloke who lost hope and never spoke his mind; Fear is not the answer; ...

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3. Rebel

She said, 'come find me at confession; Empty chamber, loaded questions; Bring your halo, be my blessing; Could you be my revolution? This heart's a cavern lately; But your words, they fill up the spac...

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4. Secrets

Take away the war between the head and heart; That I've been fighting; Take away the masquerade, Reveal the truths I made while I was hiding. ; You've broken down the walls; I know it's time to let th...

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5. Youth

Youth is the lion we can? t tame; We? ve got that wild blood in our veins; Youth is the fire, you? re my flame; And it? s just me, just you; Caught in the fire of youth; You don? t see Cadillac? s in ...

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