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1. Carry On

I didn't wan to see; Didn't want to admit, i was wrong; And all the plans you'd made; For the both of us; They seemed far too real for me; I can still see you standing there; On the riverbanks, as you...

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2. Desert

I took some water; just to irrigate our souls; and waited ... for another spring. but the water, well it got frozen; and the seeds we'd planted; were about to dry; now it's a big big desert; yeah it's...

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3. Heroes Change

growing up on the good side of the city; that's where the sun always shines; you get the impression that live is too pretty; and that the world is clean without crimes; he said 'III'; the said 'what d...

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4. My Kingdom

many miles from the time we live in; there must be a place; a place for us to live in; in a world without disgrace; I'm gonna build my kingdom; my kingdom...my land; destination unknown... I'll be dan...

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5. Prelude Of An Urban Tale

grey, as fas as you can see; coldness behind every concrete-tree; grey, in the corner of the eye; suspicion's lying somewhere between the lines... ; it's a city full of energy, gasoline-clean; it's a ...

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6. Pretty Good Year

a boy came on to the scene as he was painting pictures of the girl; it comes without warning into your life; it leaves you with the pieces; and then chaos rules your wicked mind; it's gonna make you b...

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7. Stop!

I see people running around in circles; with jealousy in their eyes, feeding themselves with lies; and they're wasting all their energy; with the same simplicity as a pig eating his own shit; well I s...

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8. The River

calm, as the cold of winter; gentle, as a breeze of spring; in all its beauty, it flows on... ; as endless as the dark aboves us; perfect as the morning dawn; it has been here through the ages; and as...

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9. This-here-show

reflection of the sun enlightens my weary eyes; weary of watching dreams falling asleep... ; drugged by defeat! drugged by defeat! you try to fight, but you body won't let you break free; you try to h...

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10. Tomorrow

old man, take a look at your life; see what has been going on; see what you've done... nothing, absolutely nothing; and a voyage to nowhere; you turn them pages; like you never did before; you get out...

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