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1. Against The Tide

Against the tide; It wasn't a choice; Being lost on this big mess; On the rest of this shipwreck; Rowing, in the darkness; All I want now is put my feet on the ground; Even it takes so long, there is ...

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2. Coffee Break

After many days of rain you'll may see some of us; Those whom can't follow the slow pace of the cars; Preventing them of thinking; The restless asking too much; That besides the temperature; Feel the ...

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3. Face Of The Feelings

Luck launched on this russian roulette; Where the bullets was made with medusa's look; That petrifies your feelings; Like a contagious disease; The trigger is in your mouth; And the shot is in the dar...

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4. Towards The Mirage

How can you decide who is wrong or right; If you are arrested in the intolerance desert? I hope there are keys that take you off this prison; Cause there's no way out of certain islands; From the othe...

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