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1. Another Shot

Don't give another shot into my heart; It's close to midnight I can't get no sleep; I think about you, you're my sweet misery; I touch your picture when I lay down in bed; I smoked a cigarette the las...

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2. Edge Of Your Dreams

My whole life I was trying to get you, close to me; To show you how much I love you, can't you see? My whole life I was trying to show you, What you mean to me; To make you understand that I live, onl...

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3. Fire In The Night

The usual me, I'm always looking back; I lose control, I never can keep track; And on that night, I couldn't fight it; I couldn't keep it away; I saw you there, and I forgot then; All those I had to s...

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4. Goodbye

So here we are, in the ending chapter; Having another annoying chatter; Leaving back another piece of my heart; Like the wind, you came and you're leaving; So farewell, I'm not so forgiving; I'll get ...

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5. Hold Me

And hold me and kiss me; And love me forever; To the end with you girl; This night was made for me and you; I was lost without you; So many nights you left unspoken; Days went by to find you; For the ...

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6. It's All About Love

Nights when you turn out the lights; You and me in this cold empty room; Fading out my thoughts all the things; You said about love; Days we spent together in the sand; Falling with you from the stars...

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7. Too Late

Never in my life, did I forget you; Never in my whole life, till the day I die; I gave in to you, the moment that I met you; But the end of this story, it makes me wanna cry; I promised to myself, I'd...

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8. Want You Back

It's been so long, that I've been so lonely; It's been some time since we two last met; An empty house, lies in full of memories; Pieces are moving and the board is set; Last night I wondered what you...

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