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1. De Doden Hebben Het Goed

In solace and pain; I've been trying to hold; White light, shifting to grey; In solace and pain; I fade; In hope and despair; I fade; Only prayers remain; Hear me and see; A shade, I long to be; I fad...

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2. Kwaad Bloed

The glass is broken. the knives are out; Where voices are trembling, there's nowhere no will to hide; Never undone. never unsaid; In time confined but forever condemned; As one, we reach out; As one, ...

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3. Onder Gaan

Lit the halo and mount the nimbus; Fall by the land of plenty; Life abide; Death receive; Ascend the chariot; Float trough the ceiling; Bearer of scythe come; Come forward, eternal thief; To oblivion ...

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4. Svanesang

Crippled wings and dragging feet; Moving towards the place I dare not seek; As the darkness that springs from me, like night over day; falls over the land I once wish (ed) to reign; Blood bounds the 1...

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