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1. Bigger Than Ourselves

you made another mistake and went another round; you thought that you'd never break but now you're broken down; it was a jump that you thought you could make; but then you crashed and burned again; an...

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2. Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow

I heard the news today. It came out of nowhere. I wish I could run away, but where would I go? Is this my destiny? Something so unfair... What will become of me? God only knows. ; And they say the roa...

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3. Misunderstood

under the surface; we're all the same; searching for purpose; running from shame; im sorry im not all the things that you want; all the things that you thought i would be; i guess im not like you, not...

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4. Stay

(1); Which face do you see; and which one is me; I'm not sure if I know; I've been hiding my tears; Hiding for years; It's time I let go; (chorus); I wanna be free; and I want you to see; I want you t...

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