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1. Ashton

Tell me what you thought that night, When you closed your eyes for the last time, I couldn’t reason with myself, Cause losing you was worse than going through hell. I’ve never really been a fan of win...

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2. Comfort Is Knowing Nothing

Could you whisper tonight to me? I've had enough of the screaming matches, If I take one more my ears will start to bleed. And I think I'll go for a drive... 'cause talking gets me nowhere, And for no...

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3. The Boy Who Lives Through Songs

I'm a fairy tale I'm a happy end, I write poems and books and I've got letters unsent. I'm a special story with a twist at the end, About a boy who lives through songs. And at the novel's beginning, H...

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4. This Ocean Drive

Hello there, Are you feeling better? I’m keeping it together without you. But I stand here, Stuck in stormy weather, In limbo forever without you. ; Say you’re leaving. I know you’re leaving. I know t...

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5. Wake Up Call

This is a wake up call to broken hearts out there. This is a public announcement, am I making it clear? Can you name a person who controls your life? Who makes you breathe so hard that you lose sleep ...

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