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1. Lose You

PART 1; Sometimes I stop; And think; What in the world; Can I do? To get some love; Near to me; To get myself; Near to you; CHORUS; ‘Cause I love you; And we're not meant; To be away; ‘Cause I want yo...

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2. That's How Is Gonna Be

Now we don’t have anything .... ; PART 1; Anything to care about... Anything to figure out... Anything to do... To...do, to...do. You go away; And I don’t know; How to say; Baby stay... Stay with me; ...

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3. Wicked Life

Wicked Life; Part 1; Why does everything have to be; Always the way you don’t want them to, Why does everyone have to say; Things they don’t even know about. Everything’s not always; What it seems to ...

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