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1. American Spirit Horse

[Music & Words: R. Rose]; Runnin' down the winding road, my brothers by my side. Spirit as unbridled as the Harley that I ride. They brand me an outlaw, cause I don't play by their rules. Fear has mad...

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2. Axtion

[Music & Words: R. Rose]; Well you've heard the songs of heaven. And you know the songs of hell. But do you know which kind of lover; Has you under her spell? Is she a princess, a whore, or a black-la...

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3. Bloodlust

[Music: D. Framer Words: R. Rose]; Hiding deep in the shadows, away from the light. Now living in the darkness, children of the night. Once you had a clear vision, you lived for your dreams. Now livin...

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4. Goodbye

[Music & Words: R. Rose]; Goodbye! I'm ready for laughter. Goodbye! I've had enough of the pain. This time, when you turn to leave me, you won't hear me callin' out your name. This time, I won't let y...

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5. Hail

[Music: D. Sifritt, Words: R. Rose]; And I saw myself standing before the throne, and a loud voice cried out Behold! Then I saw a fiery steed clad in battle reignment and he that sat upon him was God'...

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6. Hard On You

[Music: V. Rose Words: R. Rose]; Look out I'm comin' at ya! Comin' hard on you. You threw down the gauntlet! Now what ya gonna do?! [CHORUS:]; Straight from the heart, Heed my words well! I won't sell...

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7. Heads Will Roll

[Music: V. Rose, R. Rose Words: T. Pack, R. Rose]; You have pushed me, you think I'm weak, Your mouth is open, but you don't speak. Expect no mercy, you did me wrong. All of my wounds now sing your so...

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8. Nightmare

[Words: J. Moore, R. Rose Words: J. Moore]; Your pulse is racin' and your temperature starts to rise; Any every ounce of fear, is showin' in your eyes. You grab on tight as the coaster starts to roll....

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9. Twenty Minutes Of Pain

[Music & Words: T. Pack]; Well it was just another day, the napalm was fading away, and the Stench was hangin' in the air. Another round was comin' in, and I was huggin' the ground again, I could feel...

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10. Under The Gun

[Music: V. Rose Words: R. Rose]; I come a stealin', out of the night. I won't bow down, I will stand and fight! For heavy metal, the life I choose. You won't break me, just try and you will lose! [CHO...

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11. When The Hammer Falls

[Music: v. Rose Words: R. Rose]; You see the anger burnin' in my eyes. Past the breakin' point, sick of your lies. Promises made, then quickly broken. It's time to pay for the lies you've told. [CHORU...

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12. White Lies

[Music: V. Rose Words: R. Rose]; Oh white lies, wear a thin disguise. Oh white lies, see it in their eyes. Don't let her in! She will always win. [CHORUS]; Another shot in the dark, senseless violence...

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