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1. Broken Strings

Why are you lying all the time ? We used to get together and spend; Nights awoken talking, having a good time; Now I've got these broken strings; No one knows what they wanna mean; I feel so fucking f...

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2. Opinion Article

Misstep on the staircase of life, scare to death what was right; The future is forever; Someday you may think it's not true, The lies they said about you; Head up high and look beyond them; In this wo...

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3. Pizza With Your Friends

Explain The Unexplainable Without, all you think; Lying Without Regrets is what it seems; Tired of spending time in this locked life, your heart's fault; There's no need for you to think about it; Hea...

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4. This Big Sky

My words seem so lost; And out of time; I won't pretend; A star seems so lost; In this big sky; Don't you pretend; Cause in the end it seems so, pleasant to have lived everything; It doesn't feel that...

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