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1. All Your Rights

yeah, your halo must have made you blind; Hallelu-you think you're Jesus Christ; asying all the time how you can save me; yeah, your voice is like a nail in my spine; shout your mouth, your words are ...

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2. Hit & Run

Foot down, let's roll; Where to? I don't know; Head full of crap, with a map in the back of my mind; Head down, let's go; Head first on the burning road; Get out, cos your never gonna get in; Get out,...

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3. Jonesy

Why dont you understand it, prepare yourself for meteor landing; White light fill the sky, look away protect your sight; It comes tonight it's gonna take your life; Dont look out of your door, turn aw...

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4. Killer Gorilla

Bitter & twist, you never exhisted, yeah yeah; forced me face down to the floor; i cant take it anymore; tear me right down to the core; in the same way as before. ; I bit and you twisted, you'll neve...

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5. Pony Boy

mum I thought i told you, I could never hold you, in my; useless arms, hope your not dissapointed, i know that; you love to stroke me, but I am not your pony boy, im; the boy that hurt you, im the one...

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6. Radioactive

just because your unatractive, doesn't mean you're; radioactive; just because weve never mated, doesn't mean you're not; apreciated; story of the insane girl; seen it all before, as your thrown into t...

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7. To The Power Of

I got a vision for you; Put it out of your sight; The kick of the womb; Kickstarted your new life; I got a killer for you; Hes sure got your eyes; Hes got no feelings for you; Its just his blatant dis...

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8. Until The Water

lung full of water, mouth full of air; hung drawn and quartered, left out on the sand; smell of decaying, is wasting away; sign along the dotted line, i'll cut you out some day; alright? hello? anybod...

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