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1. Action

Yeah, oh yeah; If you've got a love; I'll call up a friend; If you've got some action; You better let me in; If you've got a sweetheart; Keep her locked up tight; If she needs a little loving; I'll be...

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2. Does It Really Matter

Can you hear me when I talk to you; Or maybe voices ain't in style tonight; Can you feel something's in the air; It's strange; But I don't feel alive tonight; It's all over; Baby, for for you and I; A...

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3. Every Morning

One, two, three, four! Every morning; When you walk by my window; Every word; You know you say is true; And every evening; When you walk by my doorstep; I think of words; I want to say to you; Oh I ge...

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4. Hold On

I've got a feeling; That the ways of the world will change; Someday all people must; Sit down and rearrange; We've got to try; And keep up the democracy; Giving every man; His equality; Loving your br...

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5. I Need Love

I need love to got me through, You need time; To see that it's true; Someone that loves me; And nobody else; My girl loves me; And that's all I care; Every time I find a girl I love; She just walks aw...

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6. Mystery Girl

You've got me running; Every single night; There's no explaining; Well, it's wrong or right; Fever's burning; Deep inside my soul; I'm sort of scared; That I'll let you go; Where have you been; All th...

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7. Sharpshooter

All day reading all your magazines; Thinking that you got it made; You're dressed to kill; You're going out tonight; Renting all your limousines; You're all right; you've got it made; You know every t...

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8. Shy Away

Oh yeah, oh yeah; You know if I could be like you are; I'd never have to worry at all; I'd never have a problem; In the loving sense of the word; My life'd be less disturbed; Deep in my heart; Don't s...

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9. Spanish Boy

Now I'm gonna tell you a story; Ain't gonna tell no lies; Tell you about a little Spanish boy; And the story of his life; He was just barely seventeen; When his whole world blow apart; Hidden in the c...

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10. Whiskey Woman

You never take my money; You never drive my cars; You've always had the good life; You never wished upon a star; No one will change your evil ways; You've got this groove you seem to dig; Well, your d...

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