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You call me at Home
You're alone
You talk to the dudes who like it
For to a Netherland's one we smoke

Nóóóóóó...Home Alone!(Refrão 3x)

I can't wait to get my little flat
And to make Yakissoba for the guys
In my high-tech hitchen
George Forman Grill

Hang out with the brothers later
To eat some hot-dog in the square
I....forgot my wallet
Just got 1.50


Get in home with my red eyes
And my daddy just ask
''What werw you doiing?''
I was smoking

His hobby is internet
Msn and little girls
''Girl, turn the webcam on
just want to we you naked!''

Everyday I read the paper
Praying for Euro to get down
To my dreams come true
And travel all around Europe...


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Número de Palavras 105
Número de Letras 810
Intérprete Whitefly

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