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1. Blood On The Pyramids

Now comes an age when men will seek the stars; From andromeda to fire red sands of mars; Pyramid eye seeks realms beyond the sun; Searching to find a god-a chosen one; Stars possess the minds of men; ...

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2. Demons and Diamonds

Floods and famine rape the dusty land; Devils orchids bloom in desert sands; Power dynasties and monarchies; Shaping the new worlds destiny; Kings and queens wage bloody wars; Power and gold still see...

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3. Fall Of Atlantis

Alien ships race from dark empire; Seeking utopian eden; Crashed to the earth in a ball of fire; Forever bound and imprisoned; City was built under crystal sea; So would rise a society; Alien race tha...

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4. Fight To The Death

Don't preach to me about your god-tell me who and what to be; Don't tell me how to live my life or seek my destiny; In the light of choosing to be free my mind will find the way; In the heart and soul...

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5. Flying Tigers

Into the cloudbursts; A liquid crystal sky; Hells angels screaming do or die; Like sharks in flight; P-40’s show their might; A razor edge; Speeds through the night; Wings of hope will rule the sky; B...

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6. Gates Of Gehenna

Look on high son of man I stand before you, Cesestial traveller of time and space. Take my hand, Discover realms beyond the living. Cast aside the mortal fears, That ever plague your race. Leave your ...

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7. Night Stalker

Stealth and possessed he stalks the night; Blade is polished-ready to strike; His eyes they cast a deathly stare; Chill of evil in the air; Demon raider in the street, every day is trick or treat; For...

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8. Night Train To Tokyo

Walking streets on a summer night; See her there under neon light; Lipstick, leather, silky skin; My body burns my head it’s spinning; Possessed by fire – I can’t control; Feel the devil – in my soul;...

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9. Starchild

An angel of my dreams you are; A song of sirens evermore; Blessing for my weary soul; Beautiful star child I adore; A love so sacred in your eyes; Sent to me by gods on high; Forever the one I shall e...

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10. Starman's Son

Man prays to the sky searching for an answer; Glass reflects a soul searching for truth; Conflicted by evil running in his ancient veins; History of his past trouble with pain; Demons on his shoulder ...

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11. War Of The Worlds

Shot down from above; Deadwing black dove; Demonic blitzkrieg fire; Dark deadly funeral pyre; Valiant me would fight to save; And guard the fragile light within us; On the wings of angels – they will ...

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12. We Rock

You watch their faces; You'll see the traces; Of the things they want to be; But only we can see; They come for killing; They leave and still it seems; The cloud that's left behind; Oh, can penetrate ...

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13. West L.a. Nights

Driving west on the boulevard; Watching the sunset in the sky; Good times all around me yeah; I’m feeling free and flying high; Girls dressed to kill walk by; As the moon is rising; Streets alive with...

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