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1. Chemical Sunset

She left him on the roof; Looking out onto the city; It's towers concrete and steel; One humid afternoon; In a month of dying crickets; And corpses of burned out cars; With the image of his profile; S...

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2. Endless Science

So glad we found you; Under the open sky you wind your way through the meadows; You are the road that will take us to in between day and dream; We hold the compass, you hold the promise of life yet un...

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3. Insomnia

The end of the night seems so long and hard to bear; And the blood upon my hand cannot be my own; Wait for the chance that has been given to you; Now leave this obstacle of fate; Walk across the field...

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4. Nightside Of Eden

I feel the push of a stormfront, look to a darkening sky overhead; See as the first drop of water pierces electrified air; Turn back to the thunder that calls; Now the swallows fly low to the ground; ...

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5. Sally Left

Sleep in the grass; Let the silence embrace me; Time took her in, with his loveless desire; Sang her a sweet lullaby; Frail as a ghost; She was fading so slowly; I knew she was leaving me soon; Then w...

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6. Soulburn

Looking for a way out, for a stirring in my soul; Trying to remember things you told me long ago; So long have I waited for a riddle to unsolve; People call me crazy, they have left me in the cold; Bu...

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7. Storm Season

Moor the houses, lay low all masts and poles; Shear down the trees, anchor your barks; Gather your children and pray that they will be there when dawn breaks; Sound all your warning bells, cry for the...

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