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1. Change Of Passion

I've seen it all before; A thousand times or maybe more; Tears flow from my eyes; But they don't blind me from your lies; I feel like I'm losing ground; My heart is tied up and my soul is bound; And I...

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2. Don't Fail Me Now

Looking back through the years; Through all the laughter and all those tears; We never really knew how it fell apart; We never really said goodbye; We never knew the reasons why; We should have listen...

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3. Fire and Ice

I still remember the first time I saw you; Like it was yesterday; You had my heart beating like a drum; And you took my breath away; Never thought I stood a chance; Just to be with you; And now I watc...

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4. One More Day

I'd go back and change it if I could; And do all those things, you know I would; How could I have ever been so blind; You should have been the only one on my mind; If we can do it over just once more;...

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5. Shadows Of Love

Don't try to tell me it'll be alright; When we both know that it won't; Don't try to tell me you just need time; We both know that you don't; I laid my love out on the line; I was blind but now I see;...

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6. Spirit Of Fire

Taking my chances; The time has come to lay it all on the line; It's a test of my courage; I'm giving it all, no holding back this time; It's a cry of survival; A race against time, I'll never give up...

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7. We've Got The Wings

Unchain my heart, you hold the key; I fall in love so easily; And I just can't seem; To get you out of my mind; Love is a flame that burns on and on; You are the fire that I'm dreaming of; Take hold d...

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