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1. Bad Time Coming

I know you're no good for me; Still I'll always think about you; And I know that it's hard to believe; But I just can't live without you; When going gets tough; The tough get going; You just need some...

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2. Live To Rock

Get your heart pumpin'; Get your feelings right; Give your soul rockin'; Give your body to the night; If ya got nothin' to live for; Just let me hear you say; Live to rock; Rock to live; Live to rock;...

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3. Love/hate

I don't know baby where you came from; Got a gleam in your eye; And your hand on a gun; And I can't tell what happened to you; You've been in change, I've been confused; So confused, like someone I ne...

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4. Northern Wind

No, it's not over yet; The best is yet to come; There's no action we'll regret; The time's finally come; We'll break the ties that bind; All minds enslaved; We'll be the righteous kind; We'll all be s...

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5. Rock Warriors

Well it's time to get up; It's time to live; It's time to take; Nothing left to give; Strike a blow; We're on the rise; Force to win; Hear our battle cries; We came to win; Fight 'til the end; Can't s...

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6. Runaway

Oh it's a hard time; Just makin up your mind; You're tryin' so hard, so hard; To find answers; To the questions in your mind; It's confusing; Makes you want to cry; Oh you're sick of losing, losing; W...

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7. Stand and Deliver

We're all on a ride; We live and we die; Never needing a reason; We blame ourselves; Put our lives on the shelves; For too long; Don't you want to feel right? Give a piece of your mind; You better ask...

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8. Still Standing Strong

Hey you, open your eyes; Say what are we doin'; Play, play, waste your life; Stay in one place you loser; Fool, foolin' no one; You don't have a chance here; You've taken all your steps; Still don't h...

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9. White Hot Desire

You're teasin' me; that's nothin' new; Just tease to please; That's all I ask of you; You play the game to well; So hard to tame oh well; No mystery surroundn' you; You got the need, I got it too; Whi...

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